About Supertree Grove

Supertree Grove Singapore is made up of the iconic futuristic tree-like structures called the Supertrees which have come to define the skyline of Singapore. These are vertical gardens that are as high as 25 to 50 metres above the ground and have over 162900 different varieties of orchids, ferns, bromeliads and tropical climbers planted on its planting panels.

The Supertree Grove Gardens by the Bay has 12 Supertrees two of which form the support for the OCBC Skyway. The tallest Supertree is 50 metres high, equivalent to a 16 floor building and it has the Supertree Observatory on the top offering unobstructed 360° views of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay skyline.

These gigantic Supertrees in the Supertree Grove are not just beautiful structures but they serve several functions. Some of the Supertrees have solar panels on the top and they are used to harness solar energy. This energy is used to power the Garden Rhapsody or the light and sound show every evening. The canopies of the Supertree are used to harvest rainwater which is then used for irrigation and for all the fountain displays in the Gardens. These Supertrees come to life every evening when they are illuminated with thousands of decorative lights dancing to the tunes of classic song, pop music and other musical rendition.

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Attractions To Explore Around The Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove Gardens by the Bay is an attraction like no other and within it there are more phenomenal structures such as the OCBC Skywalk which is a 128 metres aerial skywalk. The Skywalk is supported by two of the Supertrees and is suspended at 22 metres above the ground. The Supertree Observatory is a viewing point with an outdoor and indoor viewing deck and this is located on the very top of the tallest Supertree which stands at a height of 50 metres from the ground.

Near the Supertree Grove Singapore you will also find equally iconic attractions like the amazing Cloud Forest with its tallest indoor waterfall, the Flower Dome with the largest greenhouse in the world, playground that incorporates motor skills building activities for toddlers in Far East Organization Children's Garden and amazing floral magic at Floral Fantasy.

Supertree Observatory
Supertree Observatory

The Supertree Observatory is located on top of the tallest Supertree at 50 metres above the ground. The Observatory has two main areas for visitors. Right on the top there is the open air rooftop deck which offers an unobstructed 360°view of the entire Gardens of the Bay as well the Marina Bay area.Just below the rooftop deck there is an indoor viewing area with huge full length glass windows and an outdoor pathway. The Supertree Observatory also has The Social Kitchen cafe which serves up some excellent cocktails, mocktails and light snacks while you enjoy the view.

gardens by the bay OCBC Skywalk
The OCBC Skyway

The OCBC Skyway is a suspended aerial walkway that is suspended between two gigantic Supertrees of the Supertree Grove. This phenomenal structure is 128 metres long and suspended from a height of 22 metres. The Skywalk offers a panoramic view of the Gardens surroundings and the Marina Bay waterfront. The Skywalk is also a great place to get a closer look at the Supertrees' vertical gardens. Since the OCBC Skyway is a suspended walkway it sways a little when you walk on it, making you feel as if you are floating on air. In the evenings when the Supertree lights up and the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show begins, the Skyway is the best place to enjoy the show.

Floral fantasy
Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is an extravagant world of flowers that showcases artistic garden landscapes, thematic floral arrangements and a vibrant mix of live plants and freshly cut flowers. This magical indoor garden is divided into 4 main sections -

  • Dance- This section has a canopy of suspended vibrant flowers and distinctive garden landscapes.
  • Float- This section has hundreds of delicate hanging fuchsias suspended from the ceiling and a sculpture of Minutes, the Garden Guardian.
  • Waltz- This section is a mesmerising oasis of flowers among rockscape, winding driftwood and a Vivarium that houses brilliant colored poison dart frogs.
  • Drift- This section has a cave-like garden landscape with terraced rock formations and over 50 species of plants native to Central and South America.
  • Fantasy Theatre- At the Fantasy Theatre indulge In an immersive experience by taking a simulated flight around the Gardens by the Bay and view all the attractions from the eyes of a dragonfly.
Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is one the most unique attractions of The Gardens by the Bay it houses rare and unique plants from the tropics highlands. Some of the striking features of Cloud Forest is the 50 metres high man-made mountain and equally high Cloud walk that lets you explore this magnificent greenhouse level by level. At the Cloud Forest you not only see the various inhabitants of this unique habitat but you also get to learn about the sorry state of the natural cloud forests across the globe. One of the most fascinating features of the Cloud Forest is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

Garden Rhapsody
Garden Rhapsody

Garden Rhapsody is the popular light and sound show held at the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay, every evening the Supertrees are lit up with colourful decorative lights that illuminates the entire Garden and dance to the tune of classical music, pop and showtunes. These shows are held twice every evening, each show lasting 15 minutes and they are completely free of cost. The entire light and sound show, or the Garden Rhapsody is entirely managed by solar power harnessed by the Supertrees of the Supertree Grove. The most epic spot to view this light and sound show is from the OCBC Skywalk.

Flower Dome
Flower Dome

Flower Dome is the world's largest greenhouse showcasing spectacular floral displays and rare plants from different habitats across six continents. This uniquely constructed glass greenhouse is home to unique and endangered plants like African Baobab, exotic plants from Central Chile like the monkey puzzle tree, 1000 year old Olive tree and many more. This cool conservatory displays habitats such as the African Savannah, Australian Deserts, Californian Garden, Mediterranean Basin, Olive Grove and Flower Field. It also has a section that holds changing flower displays reflecting different seasons, themes and festivals.

Know Before You Go Supertree Grove

Essential Information
Supertree Grove

1. Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit the Supertree Grove Gardens by the Bay is during the late afternoons or early evening so you can enjoy the sunset view from the Supertree observatory and take in the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show as well.

2. Opening Hours :

5am to 2am daily.

3. Location:

Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay 18, Marina Gardens DriveSingapore 018953

4. How to Reach:

  • By MRT : if you're travelling by MRT then alight at the Bayfront MRT station. Take Exit B and cross the Dragonfly Bridge to reach the Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove

  • By Bus : you will need to board the 400 bus and get off at Marina gardens. The Supertree Grove is just a few minutes walk from here.

Highlights Of Supertree Grove

Supertree Observation
  • The Supertrees in the Supertree Grove are vertical gardens that are adorned by over 162,900 plants belonging to over 200 species of the plant kingdom
  • The Supertrees are futuristic tree-like structures that stand towering over the ground at 25 to 50 metres high.
  • The Supertrees are made up of 4 components - the concrete core, the trunk, the planting panels and the canopy
  • The Supertree Observatory has an elevator concealed inside the trunk-like structures to take visitors up to the rooftop deck.
  • Some of the Supertrees are equipped with solar panels to harness solar energy which is used for the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show.
  • The other Supertrees are used as air vent receptacles to help cool the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest conservatories.
  • The canopies on top of the Supertrees which look like upside down umbrellas are used to harvest rainwater which is then used in irrigation and fountain displays.

FAQ's of Supertree Grove

What is special about Supertree Grove ?

    The Supertrees at the Supertree Grove Singapore are futuristic tree-like structures that have 4 major components-the concrete core, the trunk, planting panels and the canopies. They are towering vertical gardens that stand 25 to 50 metres high.

    Some of the special features of the Supertrees of the Supertree Grove are, they are used to harness solar energy to support the daily performed light and sound show. They are also used to harvest rainwater which is then used for irrigation and fountain displays. One of the most special features of the Supertrees is when they are lit up in the evenings during the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show.

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