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The Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is a magnificent display of the beauty of nature brought together in the largest glass greenhouse in the world. This giant conservatory is home to over 32,0000 plants belonging to over 160 different species. Ranging from olive trees to orchids to the endangered African Baobab to the Birds-of-Paradise; Flower Dome aims at educating visitors about the importance of conservation and biodiversity.

The Flower Dome is divided into diverse gardens that replicate the natural habitats of different regions of the Earth such as Australia, South Africa, South America, etc. Each of these sections has unique and rare plants that are endemic to these regions and habitats that are specially created for them to thrive. The Olive Grove has the 1000-year old Olive tree, the California Garden has the aromatic shrubs and vines, the Succulent Gardens has a wide variety of these water storing plants. While the Mediterranean Garden features a beautiful waterfront lined with Italian Cypress trees, the South African Garden showcases native plants of Central Chile and the South African Garden is a sea of colorful flowers and shrubs.

Attractions At The Flower Dome

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is a cavernous glass greenhouse house with state-of-the-art temperature controls to replicate the natural environment of the Mediterranean region, the African Savannah, Australian deserts and other tropical climates. The Flower Dome is divided into diverse sections that house plants that are endemic to the different regions of the Earth.


The Baobab section of the Flower Dome holds the tallest trees of this cavernous conservatory. These rare bulbous water - storing trees are also known by several other names such as the bottle tree due to the shape of its trunk or the Tree of Life as it is the source of food, shelter and clothing for the people of the African Savannah.

olive grove.jpg
Olive Grove

The Olive Grove has several rare plants that are native to the Mediterranean region and each variety has been sourced from its native region. The olive trees are specially brought from Spain and they are truly a sight to behold. The specialty of these trees is that they are centuries old and one of them recently started to bear flowers and fruits. Your visit is incomplete without a picture near the 1000 year old Olive tree.

Californian Garden.jpg
Californian Garden

The Californian Garden is filled with aromatic shrubs, vines, trees and fruits native to the Mediterranean climate such as grapes, citrus varieties such as grapefruit fill the whole section with a delightful aroma. Natural fires in these regions have greatly affected these plants and with time they have adapted to the change and use these fires to spread. Also, these plants use their aroma or downy foliage as a defense mechanism against herbivores.

Mediterranean Garden.jpg
Mediterranean Garden

Plants in this section are natives of the Mediterranean basin such as the date palm, cork trees and dragon blood trees. Agriculture was first practiced here and crops such as olives, grapes, lentils, figs, etc were produced. The Mediterranean Garden has a beautiful waterfront feature which is lined with towering Italian Cypress trees. Pollen the bistro is also located in this section where visitors can indulge in some refreshing food and beverages.

Succulent Garden.jpg
Succulent Gardens

This garden replicates the desert environment and features plants such as cacti, aloes and crassulas. These are water-storing desert plants and they have sharp spines and a waxy coat to protect themselves from dehydration and plant eaters. Major inhabitants of this section are the wooly cacti, barrel shaped 'mother - in - law' seat cacti, tree grapes and many other succulent varieties.

Flower Field.jpg
Flower Field

The Flower Field is a changing display section of the flower dome. Here, a colorful and wide array of flowers are put up on display depending on season, festivals and specially designed themes. So each time that you visit the Flower Dome expect to see a whole different display at the Flower Field. These exhibitions and displays are included in your Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome ticket price.

south american garden.jpg
South American Garden

This section showcases native plants and exotic trees of Central Chile which grow on rocky soil and high altitudes, some of these plants include Trithrinax belonging to the palm family. The leaves of this tree are used to make hats, shoes, fans, etc. Other attractions in this section are a 200 year old Chilean Wine Palm, Monkey Puzzle tree which is the national tree of Chile and then Puya tree.

south african garden.jpg
South African Garden

The South African Garden is a sea of colorful flowers, shrubs, succulents and plants endemic to the South African landscape. Some of the rare inhabitants of this Garden are the gorgeous Bird-of-paradise, King Sugar Bush which is the national flower of South Africa, and the Fynbos plants. These types of plants thrive in no moisture sandy soil which is distinctive in the South African Savannahs.

Australian garden.jpg
Australian Garden

Be transported to the deserts of the country in the Australian Garden and lookout for the plants that are displayed here that thrive in cool dry climate and have adapted themselves to survive long spells of dry seasons. Some of these plants have evolved themselves to depend on natural fires to aid their reproduction. Some of the fascinating species of plants displayed in the Australian Garden include the Grass Tree, Kangaroo's Paw and the Queensland Bottle Tree.

Nearby Attractions Of Flower Dome

OCBC Skyway
OCBC Skyway

The OCBC Skyway is 128 meters long aerial walkway which is suspended between two of the Supertrees. This suspended walkway is at 22 meters above the ground and offers a spell binding view of the city of Singapore and the lush surroundings of the Gardens by the Bay. You also get to enjoy the unique performance of light and sound that is performed every evening. The OCBC Skyway permits up-to 70 people at a time and each group gets 15 minutes to enjoy the aerial walk.

Cloud Forest View
Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is one of the most extraordinary attractions of Gardens by the Bay and it is home to one of the world's tallest indoor waterfalls and some of the most exotic plant species. Fascinating aerial walkways have been constructed within the Cloud Forest Conservatory in order to enable the visitors to get an excellent view of all these unique displays and features. Cloud Forest has over 7000 types of plants belonging to more than 135 species and hybrids. Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome tickets also include a visit to the Cloud Forest.

Floral fantasy
Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy transports you to a magical land suspended bouquets and creative flower displays. Here you will come across a variety of garden landscapes that blend into each other along a meandering path. Floral Fantasy is spread across 1500 Sam and the temperature is maintained between 23C to 25C to preserve the 15000 freshly cut blooms as well as the dried and preserved flowers. Besides the flowers there is also a vivarium that houses miniature poison dart frogs in brilliant colors that are hard to miss.

gardens by the bay tree
Supertree Grove

The Supertree Grove has 12 of the Gardens' 18 supertrees towering up-to 50 meters above the ground, these iconic, futuristic vertical gardens feature a diverse selection of flora including delicate ferns, orchids, tropical climbers and the beautiful bromeliads. Some of the unique features of the Supertree Groves are that they are designed to harness solar energy, sustainable gardens housing over 162,900 plants of over 200 species and during the nightly Garden Rhapsody shows use 68 independent audio speakers.

Supertree Observatory
Supertree Observatory

The Supertree Observatory is an avid photographer's delight as it offers an unparalleled view of the Gardens by the Bay's vibrant surroundings and the Marina Bay Waterfront area. This is the highest point at the Garden as the Supertree Observatory is located at the tallest Supertree's canopy. The observatory deck which is one level below the Open Rooftop deck features a digital experience which is themed around climate change and its effect on the plant kingdom. You can enjoy the superb views while you also feast on some delightful bites at the Social Kitchen.

Know Before You Go Flower Dome

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Flower Dome Singapore

1. Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit the Flower Dome is in the evening when you can enjoy all of the attractions and also catch the musical lights show or Garden Rhapsody which is performed twice every evening. The show timings are 7:30pm and 8:30pm. This show is included in your Gardens by the Bay entrance fee.

2. Opening Hours:

Daily: 9am to 9pmLast admission at 8:30pm.

FAQ's of Flower Dome

What is so special about the Flower Dome?

    The Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is a glass greenhouse and the largest of its kind in the world. It features impressive climate control by maintaining a temperature that ranges between 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. All the technology aside, what makes the Flower Dome so special is the coming together of rare plants from 6 continents of the Earth all under one roof.

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